Type:Hand Drawing /Aryclic
Date: 2012. January.
Client: Adidas Oringinals
Note: 'Love Will Tear Us Apart' Artist Chair for Adidas Oringinals Shop openning. 4 chairs, hand drawing with acrylic. display in Adidas Shop in Shanghai.
Type:Hand Drawing / Illustration
Date: 2011. October.
Client: shu uemura
Note: illustration for shu uemura cleansing oil and art exhibition.
Type:Hand Drawing / Live Painting
Date: 2011. July.
Client: Absolut Vodka
Note: live painting for Absolut Blank Art Exhibition. my painting is about the Frigg, a major goddess in Northern European mythology. a goddess of love and sky. Frigg has shining blonde long hair with white feather. I'm addicted to the story about her. absolut vodka is also from Sweden of Northern Europe.
Type: Hand Drawing / Motion
Date: 2011. June.
Client: --
Note: a short openning movie done by myself. for the opening party of the Daily Drawing Project Exhibition on 1st. July.
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Type:Hand Drawing / Illustration / Poster Design
Date: 2011. June.
Client: --
Note: for my daily drawing project exhibition The Taste Of Time. at Shanghai Xintiandi Style. on 1st. July.
Type:Hand Drawing / Painting
Date: 2010. Dec.
Client: --
Note: this is about our whole life, we live in the cities, form birth to death. too fast to live, too young to die. inspired by lots of movies, music, and wine.
Type: Hand Drawing / Illustration
Date: 2010. September.
Client: --
Note: crossover with skateboard. theme is Bunny & Morning Glory.
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Type: Illustration / Crossover
Date: 2010. September.
Client: Li Ning
Note: crossover with Li Ning. shoe design, the theme is bird and flowers.
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